Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We're Hiring!

We're Hiring!!

We're looking for fresh faces to be a part of our team at Lir Shop to start working on January 2015


What are we looking for? 
Two part-timers to work for Lir Shop in daily basis (3-4x a week | 6 hours each)

Who are we looking for?
* We want someone who's quirky enough, easy going, and cheerful. 
* Being crafty is not a must but it would be nice if you have cute hobby
* It's important to be flexible, sensible, and having self-responsibility here..
* Of course, if you're a hard worker and smart~ we'd like you to join us, very much!
*  We want someone who can cook or at least who's willing to learn to cook some very simple recipes and not afraid to get her/his hand rough for dishwashing and gardening.

How to apply?
* Send your CV, online identity (twitter/ facebook/ blog) and photo
* Write a short description about yourself 
(What is your hobby, why are you unique, what do you read, what is your favorite magazine, what do you listen to, what is your favorite movie, what do you like.. and basically, who are you?)

Hand it yourself to Lir Shop at Jl. Anggrek 1/33, Baciro, Yogyakarta


Send it by email to:

Send it NOW! 
(before April 20, 2015)

We're longing to hear from you!